How do you connect your life to your values and dreams? Ask Steve Finkelstein. As a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®), Steve works with clients to establish clear, value-driven goals and create behaviors that support their advancement. Building a college fund. Retiring with dignity. Taking the trip of a lifetime. Steve wants to help you move from point A to point B.

Steve has worked in the financial services industry for nearly 30 years.  After becoming a CFP® in 1999, he was a sole proprietor before merging with two financial planners to create a 25-person firm. In 2007, Steve followed his vision of serving clients with a holistic, hands-on approach to create Sterling Retirement Resources.

Sterling was built on genuine client relationships and team-based collaborative services. The name reflects the dedication Steve and his team have to helping clients achieve financial freedom through superior advice, counsel and service while providing a breadth of fiduciary services and resources.

As a CFP®, Steve is a member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA). He is also one of three financial advisors who serve on the 7 person board of directors for AdvisorNet Financial. This is an elected position in which Steve is involved in the decision-making process for how the $20 million firm runs and operates. He and Megan also provide educational seminars for AAA Minneapolis and Target.


Certified Financial Planner™


University of Minnesota

Steve Finkelstein has dedicated his personal life to the advancement of those in his community. When BestPrep was getting off the ground, Steve connected the statewide nonprofit with the financial planning community and served on the recruiting committee. He’s also spoken in classrooms and at the Minnesota Business Venture (MBV) program.

The father of three, Steve had the opportunity to coach his children in the Wayzata Youth Hockey Association and Plymouth Wayzata Baseball Association. He’s grateful for being able to witness the impact sports and teamwork had on their lives.

If you’re looking for Steve after-hours or on the weekend, you might find him golfing or having a beverage with friends and colleagues. Otherwise, he and his wife might be entertaining guests at their Plymouth home.

Retirement Goal

“My goal is to keep it simple. Serve on a board or two to maintain my business connections. Mentor younger entrepreneurs’. Maintain my community involvement through volunteering. Rebuild a muscle car. Visit national parks. Continue to learn. Have more time to have a cup of coffee. Maintain strong connections with children who will likely be spread out all over the place. AND, HANG AROUND STERLING TO DRIVE THEM CRAZY.”

Sterling Retirement Resources
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