When you face a life transition, you want someone who is there to listen to your concerns and respond with knowledge and care. That’s Megan Gehrman. As a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®), Megan builds long-term relationships with clients while providing thoughtful financial advice. Clients appreciate the genuine effort she makes to connect with them. Happy birthday phone calls. Anniversary gifts. Megan treats her clients like family.

Megan became a CFP® in 2006 and spent the first four years of her career at Ameriprise before choosing the independent track. She and Steve enjoy educating the community on comprehensive, holistic financial planning and have standing educational seminars for AAA Minneapolis and Target.

As a CFP®, Megan is a member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA). She also serves on the Family Advisory Council and Legacy Advisor group for Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. As an organization that is near to Megan’s heart, she shares personal experience and business leadership as a way to support and sustain Children’s.


Certified Financial Planner™


University of St. Thomas

Megan Gehrman grew up an only child in Eden Prairie, Minn., playing hockey and learning the importance of integrity, teamwork and calculating risk. As a wife and mother of two, Megan continues to demonstrate these qualities at home and at the office. She credits her interest in finance to her parents, who are still a big part of her family.

The next time you’re at Sterling Retirement Resources, ask about the office supply of eggs and honey. Many are surprised to learn that Megan and her family have a farm – or zoo, depending on the day – complete with three dogs (Axel, Possum and Peanut), one cat (Blue), two llamas, seven goats plus chickens, geese and bees.

In addition to tending to her animals and family, Megan enjoys photography and kickboxing. She and her husband also take any chance to travel with their children and expose them to different places and cultures.

Retirement Goal

“It’s such a long way off, it’s hard to visualize. My focus now is to spend time with my family and work hard. I don’t want to miss out on creating memories, but I know that big picture goals require work. (Plus, I love what I do!) I do have a goal of staying connected to my family. To me, family is everything.”

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