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Recognizing and Ignoring the Noise

2016 year to date has proven to be a very challenging time to be invested in the stock market. Words we’ve seen to describe the past few months include “bloodbath”, “turmoil”, “another 1929/2008”. Usually these terms are accompanied by large flashing red letters, yelling commentators, conspiracy theories, and doomsday scenarios. If any of these things [...]…

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Great Expectations

One of the ways to become a great investor is to have the ability to keep your head and stay invested during times of bad news and bear markets while others around you might be panicking. We all know this is true, but because we are human, it is easier said than done. We can …

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Greece Drama – Should We Be Worried?

An update from the Sterling Investment Committee Should We Be Worried? The short answer to that question is no, not us here in the US. Should Greece be worried? Absolutely. But what does all this news actually mean? Here are a few tidbits about what is going on… Let’s figure out why Greece is in this situation …

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